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Rental Property Management in Chicago

Rental Property Management in Chicago

Rental property management in Chicago is a sort of capability which people think they are
 good at doing it. It's easier said than done. The aim of the Fairview Realty Group is to boost your chance of attracting & retaining high quality tenants, make you stress out of rental issues, & guide the landlords to do signature . 

Create Fewer Problem

If you have your own 10 rental units that would be a tough work personally knock on doors one by one to collect rent on the 1st of every month. Streamlined & efficient collecting the rent method is one of the most important factors for our property management in Chicago.

Why property management?

A property management is a person or company that is hired by owner to handling & solving a variety of problems that consistently arise on a property.

Maintenance Issues

Fairview Realty Ltd. is the only property management in Chicago Metro area that have fully licensed & insured maintenance & contracting department. we know that life is not always a bed of roses. So, every action we take is to protect the wellbeing of our owners & tenants.

What set Us apart

Since 1992, We have served our communities with pride & distinguish.
We are a dedicated, resilient, & loyal with one purpose. "To serve & protect our owners as best of our ability.

Rent Collection


Lease Enforcement


Tenant Retention

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                 Fairview Realty Ltd. 

Fairview Realty Ltd. is a dedicated resilient, & loyal with one purpose. " To serve & protect our owners & tenants as best of our ability." Since 1992, we have served our communities with pride & distinguish. It is a sort of challenge being a landlord in the Chicago city. Many new landlords find it really difficult to try navigate on their own. If you don't manage your property perfectly, you would lose it completely. Fairview Realty Ltd. will show you how to overcome this problem.

Owners Warning!

Owners!Whether you are struggling to turn around a property you currently own or manage your rentals like a champ, there are challenges when you are alone or with a wrong management company. We have the experience & resources to solve any possible situation.
Owner's Concerns

Owners find it really difficult to try navigate properties on their own. It's sort of challenge being owner in Chicago City. In order to overcome these problems our team will help you if you need.

Overview of Fairview

Generally, our team is overtrain to take care of owner's issues. They will monitor & manage the properties behalf of owners who may have many rental houses but lack of time, & no enough experience to deal with tenants.

Owner's Services

30 Day vacancy turn around comply with all city ordinances in house maintenance, owner's portals, & reporting monthly reconciled statements. It's up to you how much do you care about your time & money.


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