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Property Management in Chicago

One of the reason you need to trust Fairview Realty is:

    If you have your own 10 rental units, that would be a tough work personally knock on doors one by one to collect rent on the first of every month. Streamlined and efficient method is one of the most important factors for our property management in chicago city. I would explain you in brief that how is this process like?

We do schedule a method to collect the rent every month which can be named Rent On Time method. we,too,are in touch with tenants regarding their rents from the 5th till the end of each month. It has been set up to remind them the promise dates or even ask them to avoid the eviction.I personally also advise the writing communication so that you will have a record in case there is needed to evict the tenant & gain possession. This process is followed up by our staff every month for the satisfaction of the homeowners. What does make you in trouble might make us more responsible to handle the problem.

Regarding to collect your rent on time, please give the office a call on (708)9573500 and  a member of our Rent Collection team will be happy to help.